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the road goes ever on. more ramblings among the stars.

27 August 1980
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Date Created:2004-01-06
Number of Posts: 111

Calenhíril aka Cal aka Lady Lauriel likes to be witty, and sometimes she succeeds. Tends to be fangirlish when presented with anything LotR, Orlando Bloom, Harry Potter or fantasy related. Has bursts of creativity resulting in the Moonstone Chronicles, especially after reading a good book.
Strengths: Creative but technical, athletic but comfortable at home, outdoorsy (really!)and exuberant given the right stimulation.
Weaknesses: Procrastinator extrordinaire and slight ADD. Always has her nose stuck in a book.
Special Skills: Resourceful and thoughtful, can whip up an icon idea within a second of seeing a really good screencap.
Weapons: Swords and bow and arrow, because she's just like an etoiline. Sarcasm can be as sharp as a knife.
Remember: Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. Choose wisely. Inches make champions.

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Legolas is the Hottest Elf in Mirkwood Middle Earth.

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Yes, going colorbar crazy.

CSI is Love

Harry Potter is Love

Spider-Man/Peter Parker is Love

Orlando Bloom is Love

Claims: Final Expecto Patronum scene by the lake in Prisoner of Azkaban; Harry's green eyes;
Harry's picture of his parents, dancing; Harry's perpetually messed-up hair; the Harry/Hermione 'ship; and Hermione's Time-Turner @ muggleclaims

Brushes by quebelly and dtissagirl. Visit my icon gallery at Iconic.
accents, actors, adobe photoshop, adventure, angel, animals, anita blake, art, autumn, bagpipes, basketball, bloom, books, bow and arrows, broadway, brushes, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, camping, celtic culture, celtic mythology, cherry cola, climbing, computers, cougars, creativity, csi, dancing, david eddings, daydreaming, desktops, digital art, digital cameras, dragons, drawing, dreaming, elves, englishmen, fairy tales, fantasy, forensics, full bloom, full moons, goo goo dolls, graphic art, graphic contests, greek mythology, harry potter, harry potter icons, harry/hermione, iceskating, icon contests, icon making, icons, imagination, internet, j.r.r. tolkein, jacqueline carey, james, james mcavoy, jim butcher, john mayer, josh groban, kilts, laurell k hamilton, legolas, legolas greenleaf, lightning, lily/james, livejournal icons, lj icons, lord of the rings, lothlorien, lotr, lotr guys, lycanthropes, lycanthropy, magic, making icons, manips, manipulations, marauders, medieval fantasy, men in kilts, middle-earth, mirkwood forest, missouri, moonlight, moonstone chronicles, moulin rouge, mountain climbing, movies, music, musicals, mythology, nature, ned kelly, novels, orlando bloom, padfoot, painting, panthers, photography, photoshop, pirates of the caribbean, prongs, rain, reading, remus, renaissance faires, renaissance festivals, renfaires, roaring fires, rock climbing, role playing, romance, roswell, running, scotsmen, singing, smallville, snow, spiderman, st. louis, star gazing, swords, the marauders map, tobey maguire, tolkien, track & field, trees, troy, ultimate frisbee, vampires, washington university, web design, webdesign, websites, werewolves, will turner, winter, wizards, wolves, writing