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Hoist the Colors

Writer's Block: Life with Technology

What's your favorite example of how technology has made your life better?

If you know me, you know this answer is going to revolve around books. Music, too, because I love reading and listening to music at the same time. My example is the iPod touch. I've had an iPod for a few years now, but at the beginning of this year I bought an iPod touch. Now I can read books on any number of ereader apps, AND listen to music at the same time, all in a tiny convenient package. Maybe I should have waited for the iPad--if someone gave me a spare $500 for it I wouldn't say no--but I like the size of the touch, and the price was right when I got it.

Coming in second: my various incarnations of Mac laptops, and the writing program Scrivener, which makes writing novels (when I actually write them, of course) streamlined and pretty to look at.